Custom “Thunderstruck” Pillow

Custom “Thunderstruck” Pillow

Made to order

Choose a colorway:Red
Choose a size:18x18

Product will ship in 2-3 weeks


Fabric Cover: 100% Belgian Linen
Insert: Down feather with a poly-cotton cover
Hidden Zipper


Pillows are made to order in all of our fabric options in five select sizes with square options and lumbar options. They come with a hidden zipper and a down -feather insert. The pattern is on the back as well as the front. The print is 100% Belgian linen. They are offered without piping. Unfornbtunately, we cannot offer refunds on made-to-order items. Dry cleaning recommended, or cold water wash/ hang dry.

The “Thunderstruck” pattern is adapted from an ancient Chinese textile fragment. It depicts dragons emerging from thunderclouds. This particular dragon is celled Yinglong, who is, in a Chinese mythology, the master of storms and bringer of rain. Usually, Yinglong gave just enough rain to nourish the earth, but he could send floods or withhold rain on a whim if people did not honor him properly.