Big Abstract - Black

Big Abstract

Big Abstract is a mural with  powerful lines in a  bold color palette. The lines intersect each other over an expanse of an entire wall. This is a four panel repeat, meaning it comes in four panels and the fourth panel repeats back to the first panel, so it can  accommodate any size room. This pattern has a modern feel  but because it is printed on a classic textural grasscloth, it straddles modern and traditional spaces quite happily. 

MATERIAL: Grasscloth
WIDTH:  36” trimmed to 34″
LENGTH:   Custom printed to the height of the room
REPEAT:  Mural repeat is 4 panels wide

CFA AVAILABILITY:  Send us your sample for color matching
MAINTENANCE:  Vacuum, Wipe Lightly
MATCH TYPE: Non reverse hang , side match
CUSTOM OPTIONS: Vinyl with a custom CFA