CelticKnots - Chartreuse Grey


There are many different types of Celtic knots, but they all share similarities in that they are endless knots, with no distinct start or end. Many Celtic knots are inspired by basket weave knots, believed to be among the very first artwork carried out by humans. It is generally accepted that Celtic knots stand for interconnection and the endless cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. This pattern is printed on metallic grasscloth for an added layer of texture and interest and shimmer much like the illuminated texts that many of these designs were originally drawn on. 

MATERIAL: Grasscloth
WIDTH:  36″ trimmed to 34″
LENGTH:  8 yard rolls.

CFA AVAILABILITY:  Send us your sample for color matching
MAINTENANCE:  Vacuum, Wipe Lightly
MATCH TYPE: Non reverse hang , side match
CUSTOM OPTIONS: Vinyl with a custom CFA