Dhurrie- Spice


Dhurrie is inspired by the gorgeous striped Dhurrie rugs from India. We designed this mural on grasscloth to replicate the look of these finely woven antique rugs bathed in natural dyes and slowly faded over many years. As a wallcovering this is highly effective at creating the alluring look of a tented room. The border on the top and bottom helps achieve the effect, but it can can also easily be removed. 


MATERIAL: Grasscloth
WIDTH:  36” trimmed to 34″
LENGTH:   Custom printed to the height of the room
REPEAT:  Mural repeat is 1 panel wide

CFA AVAILABILITY:  Send us your sample for color matching
MAINTENANCE:  Vacuum, Wipe Lightly
MATCH TYPE: Non reverse hang , side match
CUSTOM OPTIONS: Vinyl with a custom CFA