Edna - Blue Yonder


I barely knew my great Aunt Edna before she passed, but I do remember very clearly her house with a large front porch, a white fence and a wallpapered front parlor that exuded a sense of coziness and warmth. This wallpaper design pays tribute to the nostalgia of yesteryear, much like the memories I have of my great aunt's home. It brings to mind images of a dance hall, a stolen kiss, and a saved corsage. It is printed on our signature faux linen and is highly textural. An added benefit to the faux linen is that the seams do not show. 

MATERIAL: Faux Linen
WIDTH: 28″ trimmed to 25″
LENGTH: 8 yard rolls

CFA AVAILABILITY:  Send us your sample for color matching
MATCH TYPE: Side match or non-match
CUSTOM OPTIONS: Vinyl with custom CFA