Sheltering Pond - Muted Teal

Sheltering Pond

Sheltering Pond is a mural featuring.a captivating blend of the early 20th century influences and illustration techniques from the 1940s.  Created by Karen Robert, it is a nostalgically alluring depiction of the pond on her Shelter Island property complete with all of the creatures that live near it.  Conceived during her stay on the island amidst the pandemic,  it serves as a visual narrative of the quest for solace in the heart of nature. The result is a composition that harmoniously  blends a moody and evocative atmosphere with a sense of tranquility and pastoral beauty.

This mural comes in four panels, the fourth panel repeats back to the first panel to allow for a continuous repeat around the room. We custom print this to the height of the room. 


MATERIAL: Grasscloth
WIDTH:  36” trimmed to 34″
LENGTH:   Custom printed to the height of the room
REPEAT:  Mural repeat is 4 panels wide

MAINTENANCE:  Vacuum, Wipe Lightly
MATCH TYPE: Non reverse hang , side match
CUSTOM OPTIONS: Vinyl with a custom CFA